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[movies]Recon 2011 - Virtdbg by Damien Aumaitre - Recon
(Bug: if the video is black use the QuickTime video instead) This presentation is about a remote kernel debugger leveraging the hardware virtualization facilities provided by modern processors. The hypervisor is loaded "on the fly" with DMA requests and allow to debug the target without rebooting. The client part leverages the metasm framework. This presentation is about a remote kernel debugger leveraging the hardware virtualization facilities provided by modern processors...
Keywords: Recon; VirtDbg; Reverse Engineering
Downloads: 440
[movies]Recon 2011 - Hardware Stuff for Software People By Stephen Ridley - Recon
This talk will be an introduction to doing "hardware stuff" stuff, for people accustomed to plying their trade against software. I will discuss how to build tools (and use existing tools) to sniff/spy on a variety of hardware communications channels from UART Serial (the kind in your computer) to the very ubiquitous SPI/I2C serial busses used in virtual everything (from EEPROM in your portable DVD player to the HDMI/VGA cables between your computer and monitor)...
Keywords: Recon; Hardware; Reverse Engineering
Downloads: 1,774
[movies]Recon 2005 - Ryan Russell - Keynote
Recon 2005 Keynote speach ( by Ryan Russell
Keywords: recon,Security,Reverse Engineering,Conference
Downloads: 750
[movies]Recon 2005 - Andrew Griffiths - Binary Protection Schemes
The presentation will cover various issues regarding: protecting binaries against analysis license code implementation schemes modifications that can be made against a binary watermarking a binary This presentation will mainly focus on the Linux operating system, however, the ideas presented are applicable for other operating systems as well. The presentation is aimed to give a general high level overview with some examples to demonstrate the case in point...
Keywords: Recon,Security,Reverse Engineering,Conference
Downloads: 590
[audio]Reverse Engineering - Highly Complex Machinery
Reverse Engineering - Highly Complex Machinery
Keywords: Reverse Engineering - Highly Complex Machinery
Downloads: 147
[movies]Recon 2005 - All Videos
Recon is a security and reverse engineering conference located in montreal. All videos are encoded in xvid format.
Keywords: Reverse engineering; Recon; Conference; Security
Downloads: 2,641 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]lecture: Keep your tentacles off my bus, introducing Die Datenkrake by Dmitry Nedospasov and Thorsten Schröder - Recon
In hardware security analysis, success and failure are predetermined by one's tools. Coping with overwhelming streams of data can be near impossible in software alone. Implementing accurate timing can also prove to be challenging without a custom logic implementation. The solution to many of these issues is offloading much of the work to purpose-built dedicated logic. In this talk we introduce Die Datenkrake (DDK) a low-cost open source hardware project for hardware reverse engineering that impl...
Keywords: Recon; Recon 2013; Reverse Engineering
Downloads: 88
[movies]Recon 2013 - Hiding @ Depth - Exploring & Subverting NAND Flash memory by Josh "m0nk" Thomas - Recon
In the world of digital storage, gone are the days of spinning platters and magnetic residue. These technologies have been replaced with electron trapping, small voltage monitoring and a lot of magic. These NAND devices are ubiquitous across our culture; from smart phones to laptops to USB memory sticks to GPS navigation devices. We carry many of these devices in our pockets daily without considering the security implications...
Keywords: Recon; Recon 2013; Reverse Engineering
Downloads: 131
[movies]Recon 2013 - Apple iCloud services reversed inside out by Oleg Afonin - Recon
Apple iCloud was meant to improve flexibility and comfort when using your iDevices, however it also provides opportunities to extract as much as everything about the user. Apple iCloud was meant to improve flexibility and comfort when using your iDevices, however it also provides opportunities to extract as much as everything about the user. Backups: iCloud suggests backing up iMessage, SMS, photos and videos, device settings, documents, music and other things on-the-fly which is useful for sync...
Keywords: Recon; Recon 2013; Reverse Engineering
Downloads: 358
[movies]Recon 2005 - Ryan Russell _ Nicolas Brulez - Malware Analysis
One of the most common examples of reverse engineering is malicious code analysis. In order to clean up after, and prevent further infection by a piece of malicious code, it must be analyzed. Such analysis is often used for generating IDS signatures, detemining exploits used (and hence which patches would be required) and writing detection modules for antivirus software. Usually, this must be done in as little time as possible...
Keywords: Recon,Security,Reverse Engineering,Conference
Downloads: 1,053
[texts]Practical Reverse Engineering for hackers
Practical Reverse Engineering for hackers
Keywords: Practical Reverse Engineering for hackers
Downloads: 20
[movies]Recon 2005 - Reverse Engineering panel
Reverse engineering panel at Recon 2005(
Keywords: Recon,Security,Reverse Engineering,Conference
Downloads: 1,468
[movies]Recon 2011 - Practical C++ decompilation by Igor Skochinsky - Recon
(Bug: if the video is black use the QuickTime video instead) Reverse engineers have to analyze more and more code these days, be it is investigation of malware, software security assessment, or RE for interoperability. While plain C code is quite familiar by now, C++ offers new challenges with inheritance, virtual functions, exception handling and so on. I will describe the common problems encountered in C++ reversing and how to deal with them...
Keywords: Reverse Engineering, IDA, Recon, Decompilation
Downloads: 3,532
[movies]Recon 2013 - Reconstructing Gapz: Position-Independent Code Analysis Problem by Aleksandr Matrosov and Eugene Rodionov - Recon
This presentation is devoted to analysis one of the stealthiest bootkit seen in the wild – Win32/Gapz. The talk will cover not only remarkable features of the bootkit such as custom kernel-mode network protocol implementation, advanced bootkit technique and payload injection functionality but, also, the way the authors of the presentation approached the problem of analysis Win32/Gapz using the tools by Hex-Rays...
Keywords: Recon; Recon 2013; Reverse Engineering
Downloads: 155
[movies]Recon 2005 - Thorsten Schneider - Hardening Registration Number Protection Schemes against Reverse Code Engineering with Multithreaded Petri Nets
Registration number protections require the user to enter a registration number to register a software application. However, in most cases such a protection can be defeated easily by an in-depth analysis of the disassembled code or by tracing the applications execution using dynamic disassembly (debugging) techniques. Even there still is heavy use of simple XOR encryption methods, several software applications use high optimized cryptographic algorithms to prove the given input for validity...
Keywords: Petrinet,Reverse Engineering,Recon,Security,Conference
Downloads: 515
[movies]Recon 2006 - Joe Stewart - OllyBone - Semi-Automatic Unpacking on IA-32 - Recon Conference
The amount of new malware being developed has increased at a staggering rate over the last couple of years. At the same time, executable packing technology has grown to provide malware authors with a myriad of choices in how they pack their malware to evade detection and analysis. This presents a growing problem to analysts who lack the time to learn how each packer works and can be unpacked, but still need to be able to quickly handle anything that comes their way...
Keywords: Recon; Reverse Engineering; Conference; Montreal; Security; Unpacking
Downloads: 461
[movies]Recon 2006 - Luis Miras - Fix Bugs in Binaries - Recon Conference
Don't wait for your vendor to get around to it, fix bugs yourself! There is no need to wait for patches and new (possibly expensive) software upgrades. In many cases fixing bugs in binaries is easier and faster than in the source code. This is especially true considering the complexity of library dependencies and build environments. Some consider "cracking" software protection a form of patching bugs, that is not what this talk is about...
Keywords: Recon; Reverse Engineering; Conference; Montreal; Security; Bugs
Downloads: 439
[movies]Recon 2006 - Anthony de Almeida Lopes and Jack Louis - Multi-cavity NOP-infection OS-Independent x86 Virus. - Recon 2006
This presentation will be about a virus/worm framework which takes advantage of the abundance of NOP-areas produced by modern compilers in executables. The virus is bound to the x86 CPU architecture (with the possibility of porting it to other CISC architectures); however, a key feature of this infection vector is that the virus is operaing system independent. The majority of my work so far has been done on GNU/Linux but tests have been run on Windows XP, NetBSD and FreeBSD...
Keywords: Recon; Reverse Engineering; Conference; Montreal; Security; Virus
Downloads: 445
[movies]Recon 2011 Gregory Kerr - Checkpoint-Restart: Proprietary Hardware and the "Spiderweb API"
Checkpoint-Restart: Proprietary Hardware and the "Spiderweb API" This summary describes a package to transparently checkpoint and restart applications which run over Infiniband. Infiniband is rapidly growing as a high-speed interconnect, even appearing on departmental clusters. The current work grew out of the needs of high performance computing. As of November, 2010, 43% of the TOP500 supercomputers run Infiniband...
Keywords: Recon 2011, Recon, Reverse Engineering, Infiniband
Downloads: 67
[movies]Recon 2005 - _Pedram Amini - Process Stalking: Run Time Visual RCE
In today's world, closed-source software dominates the desktop and much of the server room. While a variety of tools and methodologies exist for security research in open-source software, binary analysis remains a mostly unexplored field. Post discovery and 0day vulnerability researchers heavily rely on reverse code engineering (RCE) to accomplish their work. The purpose of this talk is to introduce the art and science of "Process Stalking" to the general public...
Keywords: Recon,Security,Reverse Engineering,Conference,Process Stalker
Downloads: 535
[movies]Recon 2006 - Fabrice Desclaux and Kostya Kortchinsky - Vanilla Skype - Recon 2006
Skype is a free (as in beer) voice over IP application. Many other VOIP applications exist, but some specific points make Skype very different, such as its peer-to-peer architecture, its ease to bypass firewalls and, last but not least, the impressive level of obfuscation that has been invested to prevent anybody from looking inside the software and its communications. This last point added to its increasing success gave birth to many myths on security issues around it...
Keywords: Recon; Skype; Reverse Engineering; Conference; Montreal; Security
Downloads: 1,818
[movies]Recon 2006 - Woodmann - The Legality of RCE - Recon
The DMCA has been trying to stop the exchange/sharing of information. Specifically, they have tried to stop discussions regarding reverse code engineering and file sharing. Since reverse engineering is a critical part of software development, I will try to explain why the DMCA rules are faulty in regards to reverse code engineering and search engines that provide links to infringing material. Bio Protector of RCE information
Keywords: Recon; Reverse Engineering; Conference; Montreal; Security
Downloads: 536
[movies]Recon 2006 - Christopher Abad - Advancements in Anonymous eAnnoyance - Recon
This talk will go over advancements in the technology to circumvent measures put into place to prevent the age old internet pastime of annoying other people. Methods and tools will be presented for breaking audio and visual CAPTCHA systems, taking advantage of lazy registrant authentication, ruining the quality of collaborative content, and defeating spam filters even better than the spammers do and otherwise compromising usability, as well as a few other surprise demos...
Keywords: Recon; Reverse Engineering; Conference; Montreal; Security; Whales
Downloads: 446
[movies]Recon 2006 - Dennis Cox - Network Devices an Insider's View - Recon Conference
This presentation talks about the fact and fiction of today's security devices. It explains how to approach testing the validly of their claims and provides multiple examples of real world products and their weaknesses. Rarely do security engineers look at network products from the creation point of view. Understanding how and why they are created and the limitations of that process can lead to finding security issues quite a bit quicker and easier...
Keywords: Recon; Reverse Engineering; Conference; Montreal; Security
Downloads: 441
[movies]Recon 2006 - Alexander Sotirov - Reverse Engineering Microsoft Binaries - Recon 2006
One of the applications of reverse engineering in computer security is the analysis of operating systems and software for which no source code is available. Most commonly the target is Microsoft Windows, and the goal is to find new 0-day vulnerabilities or to understand the full impact of old bugs. Reverse engineering Microsoft software presents numerous challenges. Based on his experience with reversing all Microsoft patches from the last 6 months, the speaker will present a number of technique...
Keywords: Recon; Reverse Engineering; Conference; Montreal; Security
Downloads: 1,494
[audio]Reverse Engineering - Highly Complex Machinery (2010)
Artist: Reverse Engineering Title Of Album: Year Of Release: (2009) Label: Jarring Effects Genre: Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Electronic Quality: MP3 Bitrate: VBR ~320kbps Total Time: 44:08 min Total Size: 101 MB
Keywords: Reverse Engineering - Highly Complex Machinery (2010)
Downloads: 273
[movies]Recon 2006 - Bunnie - Disassembling and Patching Hardware - Recon 2006
Many security systems are beginning to rely on hardware-based techniques to raise the difficulty of attacking a system. As a result, a basic understanding of circuit boards and what they mean can often times be helpful. In this session, bunnie will introduce the topic of reading and understanding circuit boards. We will learn what the basic components look like, and how to determine their function in a circuit...
Keywords: Recon; Reverse Engineering; Conference; Montreal; Security; Hardware
Downloads: 1,278
[movies]Recon 2013 - I got 99 problems but a kernel pointer ain't one by Alex Ionescu
While Windows has been becoming a tighter and tighter ship with increased mitigations added each release, the local availability of kernel addresses has barely been addressed, except in the context of some ASLR bypasses in Windows 8. This presentation will collect many of the already-known info leaks in one single source, and then proceed by presenting some unknown and novel info leaks in the kernel...
Keywords: Recon; Recon 2013; Reverse Engineering; Alex Ionescu
Downloads: 149
[movies]Linux Driver Reverse Engineering FreedomHEC Taipei 2009 - CIH
Linux Driver Reverse Engineering FreedomHEC Taipei 2009
Keywords: linux; driver; reverse_engineering; cih; freedomhec
Downloads: 1,011
[movies]Recon 2006 - Alex Ionescu - Subverting Windows 2003 Service Pack 1 Kernel Integrity Protection - Recon
Windows 2003 Service Pack 1 introduces new features into the kernel which protect against previous methods of accessing kernel memory from user mode without the usage of a driver. For example, both the usage of the DevicePhysicalMemory section as well as of the ZwSystemDebugControl APIs has now been completely blocked, meaning that editing kernel memory through physical addresses, installing a callgate or using IDT modifications are not possible methods of violating the ring privilege level...
Keywords: Recon; Reverse Engineering; Conference; Montreal; Security
Downloads: 535
[movies]RECON 2008 Conference Videos -
RECON2008 T01 Pierre Marc Bureau How I learned Reverse Engineering with Storm.avi RECON2008 T02 Bruce Dang Methods for analyzing malicious Office documents.avi RECON2008 T03 Ilfak Guilfanov Building plugins for IDA Pro.avi RECON2008 T04 Thomas Garnier Windows privilege escalation through LPC and ALPC interfaces.avi RECON2008 T05 Nicolas Pouvesle NetWare kernel stack overflow exploitation.avi RECON2008 T06 Cameron Hotchkies Under the iHood.avi RECON2008 T07 Jason Raber Helikaon Linux Debuger.avi ...
Keywords: Recon; Reverse Engineering; Conference; Montreal; Security
Downloads: 10,382 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Reverse Engineering for Fun and BoF It! - Pedram Amini and Chris Eagle
Reverse engineering (RE) skills are handy in a number of situations. Determining the behavior of malware, discovery of software vulnerabilities and showing off to your friends are just a few of the benefits that immediately come to mind. Unfortunately reverse engineers are mostly self trained, work in solitude and do not openly work together when developing tools and techniques. This goal of this session is to present some of our ideas and tools (past, present and future) to foster an open discu...
Keywords: Shmoocon; 2006; Chris Eagle; Pedram Amini; Reverse Engineering
Downloads: 108
[movies]Recon 2006 - Pedram Amini - PaiMei and the Five Finger Exploding Palm RE Techniques - Recon 2006
There are a slew of languages, tools, interfaces and file formats for various reverse engineering tasks. Making tools play nice together and deciding how to develop new tools is a cumbersome process. The goal of the framework is to reduce the time from "idea" to prototype to a matter of minutes, instead of days. PaiMei was created for personal use and after much debate it was decided to release the majority of the toolkit to the public...
Keywords: Recon; Reverse Engineering; Conference; Montreal; Security; Framework; Python; OpenRCE
Downloads: 1,078
[movies]Recon 2006 - Spoonm - IDARub - Recon Conference
IDAPython has made a big splash, by embedding the python interpreter as an IDA plugin, and wrapping the IDA SDK for access from python code. I think this was a great idea to allow more rapid development of IDA plugins, and to help write advanced plugins easier. However, I found a few draw backs with IDAPython. Besides preferring a language besides python, I think the plugin architecture could be improved upon, and brought to be network based...
Keywords: Recon; Reverse Engineering; Conference; Montreal; Security; Ruby; IDA
Downloads: 622
[audio]Dominator reconstructed - Dan S
Keywords: rave; synth; resynthesis; analogue modelling; supercollider; reverse engineering
Downloads: 887
[movies]Recon 2006 - Michael Sutton - Fuzzing - Brute Force Vulnerability Discovery - Recon 2006
Michael Sutton - Fuzzing - Brute Force Vulnerability Discovery This presentation will introduce fuzzing and discuss how it can be applied to different classes of vulnerabilities. We will begin by looking at fuzzing from an academic perspective. Most importantly, newly developed open source tools will be demonstrated and released publicly. Two primary audiences will be attracted to this presentation; those wishing to discover vulnerabilities through fuzzing and those who wish to protect against t...
Keywords: Recon; Reverse Engineering; Conference; Montreal; Security; Fuzzing; Fuzz; Vulnerability
Downloads: 888
[movies]Recon 2006 - Sharon Conheady - Social Engineering for Penetration Testers - Recon Conference
In recent years, people have become more familiar with the term "social engineering", the use of deception or impersonation to gain unauthorised access to resources from computer networks to buildings. Does this mean that there are fewer successful social engineering attacks? Probably not. In fact, because computer security is becoming more sophisticated and more difficult to break (although this is still very possible) more and more people are resorting to social engineering techniques as a mea...
Keywords: Recon; Reverse Engineering; Conference; Montreal; Security; Social Engineering
Downloads: 826
[movies]Ethical Considerations of Intelligence and Information Security - Richard Thieme - Recon
An incisive illumination of how the transformational engines of information technologies alter our religious structures, spiritual frameworks, and points of ethical reference even as we try to apply them to the new humanity, i.e. individuals and organizational structures all the way to the top of geo-political realities who are morphing as a result of their symbiotic relationship with those technologies...
Keywords: Reverse Engineering; Recon; Recon 2010; Security; Ethics; Intelligence
Downloads: 239
[texts]NURBS Surface Reconstruction Using Rational B-spline Neural Networks - Tawfik Elmidany, Ahmed Elkeran, Ahmed Galal, Mohammed Elkhateeb
Surface reconstruction is a very challenging step in Reverse Engineering. It generates a surface from point cloud acquired from a part surface. NURBS surfaces are commonly used for freeform surface reconstruction. There are several algorithms of NURBS surface reconstruction including: Least Squares Methods, simulated annealing, and particle swarm optimization. The major problem of these methods is that they require parameters and knots optimization which increases the complexity of the problem...
Keywords: Freeform Surface; Reverse Engineering; Surface Reconstruction; NURBS; Neural Networks
Downloads: 254
[movies]Recon 2006 - Mathieu Desnoyers - Tracing for Hardware, Driver and Binary Reverse Engineering in Linux - Recon Conference
In this presentation, we will introduce the new Linux Trace Toolkit Next Generation (LTTng) kernel tracer and its analysis counterpart, Linux Trace Toolkit Viewer (LTTV), a fully extensible text and graphical trace viewer. We will focus on how these tools can be used in the security field, particularly for reverse engineering. It can be very useful to reverse engineer a software "black box". It can be a driver, a library or a multithreaded application : the tracer can log every interaction betwe...
Keywords: Recon; Reverse Engineering; Conference; Montreal; Security; LTT; Kernel; Tracing
Downloads: 520
[movies]Recon 2006 - Fravia - Reversing our searching habits "Power searching without google" - Recon 2006
Reversers, and more specifically web-seekers, are a strange bunch of 'matter of fact' fellows: their most peculiar endowment is the capacity of reversing realities around them... red As a consequence -among many others- they don't buy any advertisement hype (in fact they don't buy advertisements in general), and they don't trust any commercial enterprise, knowing very well that people bent on making money out of the web have no intention whatsoever of spreading knowledge without having seen very...
Keywords: Recon; Reverse Engineering; Conference; Montreal; Security; Searching; Google; Searchlores; Fravia
Downloads: 2,786
[movies]Recon 2006 - Ted Unangst - Secure Development with Static Analysis - Recon 2006
Static source code analysis has evolved rapidly in the past few years into a powerful developmental aid. However, many developers' perceptions of static analysis are incorrect. Analysis techniques are more advanced than many people realize, but also not the magic bullet many hope for. Successful utilization and integration of static analysis requires understanding its possibilities and limits. This talk is primarily targeted at security concious software developers and consultants...
Keywords: Recon; Reverse Engineering; Conference; Montreal; Security; Static Analysis
Downloads: 445
[texts]13. Reverse Engineering.full
This paper is based on the hazards of Reverse Engineering Software of the system’s code, documentation and behavior to create system abstractions and design information. Reverse engineering processes were used as a part of asoftware development, an implementation of a better program and to upgrade the existing documentation. The experiments carried out by recovering the information and it will implemented, dealing with some incomplete part of information and reverse engineering...
Keywords: Reverse Engineering; Types of Hazards; Codes of Software
Downloads: 91
[audio]mam179 - Ghostkid - The Unlikely Future of Reverse Engineering (2011) - Ghostkid
Track List: 01 A Fleeting Daydream 02 Hopeful for a Future 03 Trainspotting with a Pretty Girl 04 Martian Waving Goodbye 05 Energy in Mid July 06 Hopeful for a Future (Part 2) 07 Slow Going from Here on Out
Keywords: ghostkid; mam179; the unlikely future of reverse engineering; hip-hop; ambient; electronic
Downloads: 139
[texts]New Technique for Visualizing Unsteady Flow - Kao, David
A new technique for accurately visualizing time-varying phenomenon in unsteady flow fields has been developed at Ames Research Center. The resulting images captured through the Unsteady Flow Line Integral Convolution (UFLIC) technique reveal complicated flow behavior and help scientists detect important flow features for computational fluid dynamics analysis. UFLIC employs a new algorithm that takes into consideration the time-variable and flow patterns from previous time steps...
Downloads: 19
[texts]The Thin Oil Film Equation - Brown, James L.
A thin film of oil on a surface responds primarily to the wall shear stress generated on that surface by a three-dimensional flow. The oil film is also subject to wall pressure gradients, surface tension effects and gravity. The partial differential equation governing the oil film flow is shown to be related to Burgers' equation. Analytical and numerical methods for solving the thin oil film equation are presented...
Downloads: 157
[movies]Finding Chinks in the Armor - Reverse-Engineering Locks - Deviant Ollam - Recon
I find the stories that surround how lockpickers and researchers have been able to exploit weaknesses in some of the world's most secure and trusted locks to be fascinating. This talk will present, in detail, the tales of how three major physical security products were attacked: The Mul-T-Lock, Medeco, and Kwikset Smart Series. What to look for in locks and possible routes of attack against other popular high security products will then be discussed...
Keywords: recon_2010_deviant_ollam; Recon 2010; Reverse Engineering; Locks; Lock Picking
Downloads: 267
[movies]Understanding Swizzor's Obfuscation Scheme - Pierre-Marc Bureau and Joan Calvet - Recon
Swizzor is a malware family that was first seen on the Internet in 2002 and, since then, researchers have collected millions of different binary samples. The reason so many different files exist is that Swizzor uses strong server-side binary obfuscation to evade antivirus detection and slow down manual reverse engineering. In this talk, we will present a set of tools and techniques we have developed to understand and defeat Swizzor's binary protection...
Keywords: recon_2010_pierre-marc_bureau_and_joan_calvet; Recon 2010; Reverse Engineering; Swizzor; Obfuscation
Downloads: 185
[texts]Intellectual property rights at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Lewis Research Center - Williams, Vernon E
At a fundamental level, intellectual property is the core work product of a technical organization. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), produces a variety of intellectual property including: patents, trademarks, data rights, copyright and rights associated with National Security. For a scientific organization to properly manage its work product it has to manage its intellectual property...
Downloads: 151
[movies]Debugger-based Target-to-Host Cross-System Attacks - Alex Ionescu - Recon
This talk will present a critical design flaw in the Windows KD (Kernel Debugger) protocol that is implemented in all Windows versions, as well as XBOX and Xbox 360, Windows CE, Singularity and some EFI/EXDI hardware. This flaw enables an attacker running in the target system to attack any host running a KD-compatible debugger, crossing machine isolation boundaries as well as VM boundaries, regardless of the virtualization product in use, be it VMWare or Virtual Box...
Keywords: recon_2010_alex_ionesco; Recon 2010; Reverse Engineering; Debugger; Windows; Cross-system Attacks; Virtualization
Downloads: 263
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